5 common tips to freeze the food by using the vacuum sealer

In the previous topic, I have introduced to you 3 tips of freezing food by the foodsaver v2244 vacuum sealer. The first tip is you have to pre-freeze the food before putting your food bags in the fridge because it will become worse and you will have jam fruits instead of the frozen fruits. Secondly, there are some kinds of food you have to cook before storing while there are other foods you do not have to cook in advance. However, when the food is prepared before preserving, you will save a lot of time to prepare for the dinners in the busy working days. Thirdly, you should remember always to label the food bags because you can not remember all the things in the fridge, can’t you? Therefore, these tips is very useful for the home cooking tips.

Today, I will introduce 5 more tips of the vacuum sealer for you. Let’s check it out with me now.

  1. Not only for the freezer

The shelf life of the food can be expanded by the vacuum sealer when you store it in the fridge and pantry. When you have just bought a large block of cheddar cheese, you should seal and vacuum the half until the first chunk is get through. The vacuum sealer can be the good method to expanded the shelf life of dried foods. You should make sure that there is a barrier between any powder and the vacuum sealer. For example, you can keep the four in the original package and start to seal and vacuum the whole pack.

  1. You can cook the Double meal and freeze the extra

From now on, you can cook double dishes and freeze it for future use. You can vacuum and seal the extra dish in the freezer. The great way to store some dishes like the enchiladas is to use the disposable foil pan. You can prepare two dishes of enchiladas, eat one for tonight dinner and vacuum seal other one for future. In the next use, you can thaw and heat it up in the microwaves before using.

  1. Buy the bag

Some types of vacuum sealer have its own special bags. Therefore, you should buy the right bags for your vacuum sealer. The specific bags are designed suitable for the vacuum sealer. You should use these bags in order to keep the moisture and air out of the bags completely and have a tight seal.

  1. Portion the food out properly

Nowadays, most of the bags can be reused and cleaned but there are also some exception for the bags that are contained raw meat or bacteria remnants. Everything will be easier when you preserve the meal’s worth one bag. You can buy the package of three – pound ground turkey and then you divide it into three parts of one – pound. Now you can freeze it accordingly.

  1. Become the butcher

You can save a lot of money when you use the vacuum sealer for the meat. If you have the vacuum sealer at home, you can buy a bulk pack of steaks in the supermarket or store with the cheap price. You can be a butcher to seal and freeze these steaks.

We have just read 8 useful tips to freeze the food with a vacuum sealer. I believe these tips will be helpful for you in the pantry. There are a lot of things to talk about the vacuum sealer and foodsaver. I will see you later in other topic.

I am Chloe Taylor who loves cooking delicious foods for my family. Just want to share with you a little bit about my hobbies including cooking and taking care of family. I often write some topics about my hobbies just like a habit to express my love with what I done. All topics on this blog are my enthusiasm and passion on cooking and I noted some formulas from my own knowledge as well as others’ share. So, I hope you can find some interesting note here.

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