Once you have a new motorcycle, license and eventually ride on the road, it is really important that you are wearing the suitable gears. In general, car is a safety equipment, while on a motorbike you have to be proactive and go for the right accessories to keep you protected from serious situations. The following are some popular and essential things that will bring you a safe journey, including jacket, boots, helmet, gloves, pants and eyewear.


In many situations, a T-shirt will not help you when going down. If you do not want to have the cheese-grater experience, it is recommended to wear a good motorcycle jacket. Generally, the best types will combine good abrasion-resistant shell with the body armor for important areas that could be in contact with the road first after a fall such as shoulders or elbow.


On a motorcycle, your feet will be affected from all sides: road debris and bugs hitting from surrounding, the asphalt coming from under side like the out-of-control treadmill or a high-revving engine which always tries to burn your instep. Therefore, you need pay special attention to this part. And regular shoes or sneakers do not cut it.

In some safety tests, it is found that sneakers and dress shoes only offer the protection in a crash similar to a pair of sandal. Therefore, you should make sure to go for suitable type of boots. Most motorcycle boots will be designed with a firm toe box to get a non-slip sole as well as rigid shifting for standing on stop. In addition, they should also cover the ankles to keep them safe from a crash.


This is definitely the most important protective accessory that you would buy to improve your riding experience. In general, it serves the essential protective feature of shielding the head from hitting the road seriously. There are so many models of helmet available these days in the market with different brands, designs, styles as well as prices. Therefore, always make sure that you choose a model and brand of helmet that is approved and recommended by many people and provide you full face coverage. Moreover, to find more top rated motorcycle helmet and have a thorough understanding about this important gear, you could see more on other parts of our site.


In general, the best motorcycle gloves will not only improve comfort and grip, which makes controlling hand on a riding much easier, but it also protects us from bugs, flying debris or other elements from abrasion in a crash. You should look for external seams and leather construction, which would help to avoid irritation on a long ride.

Long gloves are often made to cover the cuff, while short gloves will slip under a cuff on the jacket. Therefore, making a suitable combination between gloves and a jacket would help you to determine which style you want.


Just like jackets, usual street pants might seem like a suitable option until your motorcycle slips over on the road with nothing else but a piece of cotton between your butt and the ground. In these situation, the best pants are manufactured with durable leather or textile materials, which also include padding for the knees and hips.


For any moving vehicle, clear visibility plays a very important part. Sunglasses would help to restrict the blinding impact of sun rays. Motorcyclists with open face helmet should choose snug-fitting glasses to block the wind, while those with full face helmet could get away with almost any pair of well-made glasses.

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