How to Cook a great Meal for You Pet?

I’ve been making home cooked foods for my dog and he loves it. Sure, once in a while there’s an ingredient that he doesn’t like and is not going to eat it. I’m certain you do exactly the same with your food. All of us have foods that we don’t like.

Have you ever considered preparing home cooked foods for your dog?

One of the reasons that I began cooking for my dog was to solve the skin problems he was having. With the help of a pet store clerk, it was brought to my attention that my dog may be sensitive to the brand of the rice. I attempted her idea by changing to corn and she was right. This was another turning point for me to take a closer look at ingredients in commercially prepared dog food.

As soon as I began studying preparing home cooked foods for my dog, there was a lot of mixed views or hardcore beliefs as to why you should feed your dog with one system and not another. You will find people who firmly believe that pet food should be uncooked, cooked, or commercially prepared.Great-meat-for-your-dogs
As you think about these different belief systems there’s cause for confusion as you strive to supply your pet with great food and nourishment. Because I had my doubts I went cautiously and served small portions noticing changes happening in my dog. Whatever foods made him better I made a point of including it in his meals. His skin problems and allergies are gone.

Much is said about raw food and at first

I was squeamish about that, yet, I did feed him human level muscle meats and continue to achieve this because it corrected the plaque build up around his teeth. Thus, I think there may be the truth that the bacterium that’s created in the body of the dog when fed raw meat creates specific bacteria which are valuable to their teeth. Bad breath can also be gone.
After cutting up human level muscle meat I do freeze it. In my research, it was suggested that freezing uncooked met kills dangerous bacteria. When you feed your pet, use clean utensils; don’t use your fingers to manage his meat. This may cause dangerous bacteria pollution from you to your pet or from your pet to you.

There’s a lot of flap about feeding grains.

A dog will pursue and kill another creature for food, but he Won’t pursue a corn cob for food. I have done a lot of research about grains because many of our commercial pet foods have a great deal of grains in their product formula. Most of the research says that when the grains are correctly cooked they’re readily digested and taken by our pets.
I’ve talked with my local veterinarian about the food changes that were made and how my dog has enhanced. His meals include one-third raw meat, one-third cooked food, and one-third commercial dry pet food. My veterinarian said it was ok to try this.

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